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Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?

Does masturbation cause weight loss?

People struggling with self-pleasure always ask, does masturbation cause weight loss? It may seem like a valid question to ask, considering that each time you ejaculate, something leaves your body. But the simple truth is that masturbation cannot significantly impact weight loss. 

However, while this answer is straightforward, some people still believe that jerking off can cause them to lose weight, while some other even believe that it could cause wight gain, especially around the tummy. No matter which school of thought you belong, in this article, we will dig deep to find out if masturbation can really cause you to lose weight or not. 

If you’ve been wondering if masturbation can cause weight loss, but haven’t been able to ask anyone due to the fear of stigma, this is the right place for you! Here at the curious corner, we embrace all conversations with the highest level of empathy, and without judgment or condescension. 

The Connection Between Masturbation and Weight Loss

There is no scientific connection between masturbation and weight loss. However, overtime, myths, and individual body variations have made people to believe that self-pleasure could cause you to shed some kilos. To fully demystify this belief, let’s understand the science behind masturbation.

What Happens to your Body When you Masturbate?

Your body gives off a series of physiological response when you self-pleasure. Here are some of the things that happens to your body when you masturbate: 

  • Dopamine release: The brain releases its feel-good hormones, dopamine. This hormone increases the sensation of pleasure all around the body. But does this lead to weight gain? We would find out. 
  • Increased blood flow and heart rate: Dopamine increases blood flow and heart rate as the tingling sensation continues. 
  • Endorphins release: Your body releases endorphins, which reduces the feeling of pains and increases pleasure. 


On the other hand, weight loss takes a different route altogether. It involves the burning of calories. However, the hormones released and physiological activities during masturbation may be instrumental in the weight loss pathway. 

Does Hormones Released During Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?

 Some hormones released during masturbation, such as testosterone and progesterone, may induce appetite. At the same time, according to Dr. Nicole Prause, Ph.D., sexual arousal may suppress the hunger hormone, ghrelin. More studies are, however, required to popularize this claim.

Masturbation also increases heart rate, which may burn up a few calories, but these are typically too little to cause any significant weight loss. It is not even remotely as efficient as regular exercise and healthy diet, when it comes to shedding kilos. Hence, if you’re looking to lose weight, masturbation isn’t the solution you need. 

Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss Differently in Men than Women? 

There’s this myth that people believe that releasing sperm makes a man lose weight. Once again, this myth is entirely false. There is no scientific evidence that proves that losing sperm will make you lose weight. 

The same applies to women. No matter how vigorously you masturbate, you cannot burn enough calories to lose weight through self-pleasure. Weight loss requires a consistent combination of diet and exercise, which achieves its aim overtime. 

Does Masturbation Affect Your Workout?

Health and fitness enthusiasts and experts are conflicted on the possible effects of masturbation on workout. Some believe that masturbation causes a testosterone burst and elevates mode, and is therefore beneficial. Some others believe that masturbation affects workout negatively due to the energy expenditure involved in self-pleasure.

A 2001 study shows that abstaining from masturbation and other kinds of sexual activities, results in an increased testosterone level. Hence, if you’re actively working out at the gym, and you need a testosterone boost, you may need to consider reducing the way you jerk off. Our article on overcoming masturbation can help you achieve this. 


Masturbation is a safe act of self-pleasure, which relieves stress and helps you control your sexual urges. You may burn a few calories during the process, but it is very minute and does not add up to cause weight loss. So when next someone asks you does masturbation cause weight loss, tell them no, because science hasn’t proven this.


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