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Netflix Begins Crackdown of Password Sharing in the United States

Finally, Netflix has rolled out plans on how to crack down on the sharing of passwords with people outside the same household. Over the past year, Netflix has been actively working to reduce the incessant sharing of passwords in the United States, and now they have introduced a new fee for sharing your Netflix password with people outside your home.

Netflix earlier reported that over 100 million non-paying households have been using their service via shared passwords, causing them to lose about $6 billion. To mitigate this loss, they started formulating strategies to curb Netflix password sharing. 

Earlier today, Netflix sent out emails to users in the United States who are engaging in password sharing. The email explains that users can only freely share their password with people within their household, even when on vacation or using Netflix on a hotel TV. Netflix distinguishes this as within the boundaries of household sharing and not as password sharing.

However, there are options available for sharing Netflix passwords outside the household. Netflix provides two alternative approaches for users to consider:

Adding an Extra Member to your Netflix Account

Users can share their Netflix account with individuals outside their households by purchasing an additional member slot for an extra $7.99 per month.

Transferring a Profile

Account holders have the option to transfer a profile to a new membership that the respective user pays for.

Netflix’s Help Center provides further details on adding extra members and the associated rules. For instance, the account owner must activate the extra member in the same country where they created their account. Additionally, users cannot add extra members to Netflix-included packages, third-party billed accounts, or ad-supported plans.

While Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing is expected to take effect in the United States during the second quarter of this year, the email does not specify the exact start date of the enforcement.

As Netflix takes these measures to ensure fair usage of their service, users will need to consider the new options available if they wish to share their accounts with individuals outside their homes.

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